The Perfect Morning Routine To Help Aid Your Day

Mornings can be difficult if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. If you struggle to sleep at night, maybe read our blog post, The Perfect Routine For The Best Night’s Sleep. In this blog post, we break down the best way to get to sleep, get yourself up in the morning, and ensure you have a productive day. 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

Our bodies shut down and rest as we sleep, and overnight, our body becomes dehydrated. Make sure you have a glass or bottle of water by the side of your bed for when you wake up. Drinking water throughout the day but particularly in the morning will increase the flow of oxygen and rehydrate your brain. 


Set One Alarm

You might think that setting multiple alarms will wake you up, rather than just one alarm. But setting yourself only one alarm gives you the motivation to wake up and others should not be needed. Set your alarm for a reasonable time, so that you have enough time to get yourself ready in the morning and make it on time for your day. 

Healthy Breakfast 

Did you know that eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast gives your brain the energy it needs to perform throughout the day? Eating breakfast has long-term health benefits including, reducing the risk of illness, it can help control weight, and is an essential source of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function throughout the day.


A run around the park might not be for everyone but a small amount of exercise in the morning will warm you up and get your circulation going for the rest of the day. A peaceful yoga routine or walking the dogs can be the perfect way to incorporate a morning ‘workout.’ Exercise releases endorphins, (also known as the happy hormone) in your brain, that make exercising the perfect way to start your day. 

Shower Time! 

The next step after exercising is your shower! It might seem a natural step after exercise but a shower can give your body the final wake-up call it needs in the morning. Using a particular shower gel, such as ginger or citrus fruits can be a perfect way to wake yourself up. A cooler temperature can also aid waking, opt for a warmer temperature before bed instead. 

The Perfect Bed

To have the perfect morning routine, it all comes down to having the perfect bed to wake up in. A good mattress will support your spine as you sleep, ensuring you have the most comfortable sleep. The benefits of a good, supportive mattress include, improving your health and helping aid creativity and lower your stress levels. 

Cumulus Beds has the perfect bed waiting for you, the real way to start the day is waking up in a comfy bed. Take a look at our amazing range of headboards, divans, mattresses, and protectors to help build the perfect bed just for you. Take a look *here* at some of the range of options we have available or contact our friendly team here.

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