Our Guide To Creating The Perfect Bed For You

It’s a known saying, “You will spend a third of your life sleeping in a bed,” so it’s important that you choose the right one for you. A good bed doesn’t just mean a great night’s sleep; it means keeping your body healthy and your mind focused for the day ahead. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed can lead to a poor night’s sleep and ruin your day. 

If you’re searching for the perfect bed, we have come up with the perfect guide to finding the best bed for you. 


As important as it is to have a comfortable bed, we all must admit that the way it looks is important to us too. At Cumulus Beds we have created an easy step-by-step process to choose the perfect bed for you. This includes the way your bed looks. We have a wide variety of materials in a range of different colours. All of our beds are made to order, which is why we can create a bed of any size/width, depth, or shape. 

We have plenty of colours and fabric styles to match the aesthetic of your room and whatever you choose, we can build the perfect bed for your style. 


A handy feature of a Cumulus Bed is that you have the option to make your bed an ottoman bed. An ottoman bed is a bed in which you can lift the base with ease, and it will have a space for storage. The base is connected to a set of hinges, which allows the bed to move up and down. Alternatively, you could consider one of our divans, which come with a choice of different drawer layouts to suit your storage requirements. Our beds are the perfect storage solution as well as stylish and comfortable. 


A good mattress will support your whole body and support your spine while you sleep. Our pocket sprung mattresses help you experience the most luxurious night’s sleep, crafted from the finest materials to help you enjoy a deeper and more peaceful sleep. Our mattresses are made in the UK, to five-star hotel quality standard. These luxurious mattresses are filled with wool and cashmere to provide the ultimate comfort factor. You can choose your mattresses from firm or medium tension, to suit your needs. 

Size Matters

Size certainly does matter. It’s important to choose the right size bed for your needs. Do you sleep next to someone? Or do you sleep on your own? Also, before you start shopping for your brand new bed, it might be a good idea to measure your room and generate accurate measurements for where you would like your bed to be. You should ensure that there is enough room to walk around your bed and you are able to access your drawers or ottoman. 


Did you know that at Cumulus Beds you are able to choose every detail of your bed, down to your headboard? We have 5 separate styling options available for your headboard. This includes the Azalea, Lotus, and the Snowdrop headboard. Our headboards also come in a range of different colours to match your divan/ottoman. 

Our beds are made only using natural products and techniques that are tested and trusted over time. Every possible component of our bed is made locally. This includes the steel in the springs and the sourcing of the wool. Our stylish beds range in styles perfect for a traditional farmhouse bedroom or a modern hotel. All of our beds are made to order so that you can create the perfect bed for all of your needs. When it comes to your bed, the importance of quality, comfort, durability, and appearance cannot be understated. Take a look at our range of made-to-order beds here.

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